The Re-imagining of NWR

Dedicate a new focus for each room in the coming year . Securing visual data : (via blockchain) because its enlightening , its theraputic, its food for thought, its uplifting, its enjoyable.

Abstract evolve thru visual science ie mathamatics ,coding, Architecture evolve thru growing habitable structures. Birds evolve learnings about flight, atmospheres, calls, colour, telemetry, Crowds evolve thru communication, personell space, vibrations, large,small Dance & Music evolve thru feeling rythmn,syncopation,estasy. Landscapes evolve thru emotions reactions to outlooks, Nudes

Dec 2021

Working in Procreate using the following brushes, Gouache,Marble,Myrtle,and Derwent, this portrait emerged of a girls chat, dancing with ideas. The last piece for the year, a productive one finding new pathways to more robust, yet delicate outcomes, giving meaning in this the last quarter of life.

to all those who have found enjoyment in the gallery displays it has been fun creating the work. See you in 2022. Thinking about a tesla phone .

Post COP26

Sleepwalk continues . Finished the portrait ( below) Blockchain certified “Giraffe browsing” . Going to print 1600 x 400 on canvas mounted stretched a nd framed by corporate art here in Burleigh as a present for Xmas 21 . Coming soon as (timelapse MP4 video) NFT registered. Im done with this year.

Have a great Xmas,see you all in 22

Climate crises

Glasgow is next month : a defining moment in history. Action, action action.I ask myself what am I doing that makes me part of the solution not the problem.
Daily participation in recycling activity plus share purchase in company that is manufacturing the barton heat engine to produce electricity and biomass and locating them for and in each shire council across the country .Decentralised power plants that reuse exhaust from other industries producing electricity and a waste product called biomass. Share purchase in a company that is developing new ways of storing meta data at a nano level .

This makes me part of the solution.