Final edit to this years exhibition . Should be hung and ready for opening night 1st week of Feb 2023.

if you are following the gallery, please set aside a couple of hours and settle in with a glass of wine of your choice to enjoy the works that were created through the course of 2022. Prints of any and all works on display including those posted in previous years . Past exhibits can be enjoyed by using the archive button which can be found in the banner at the top of the home page.

My big wish for 2023 is to finally add background music to the site when followers login to view the exhibits.


14 Sept 2022

Mercury is in retrograde, so I exited my position on the ETH blockchain. Knowledge isnt everything when it is unevenly distributed, so I used intuition. Creating a work of art, is gifting oneself, the permission to proceed, in any direction, using any means, any colour, any form of expression, without any guarantees, that what you produce will sell.

The piece above embracing two images founded in abstraction, movement, colour, opposites, playfullness, energy, black and white + two colours.