Cooli markets 8 july

Took the gallery to Coolangatta yesterday

6am start freezing in the predawn doing setup. As sunrise warmed the beachfront and the spectrum of peeps began meandering,

A spectrum of people, fellow artists enquiring do I teach , Cam the Australian ballet company past performer resonating and ready to chat, more expressions of interests in digital art classes , young Sydney guy with skate boards in tow, looking forward to sharing with his mum back in Sydney, the art he had stumbled across, a forty year old with his new born, smitten, in love, his 6 week old cocooned in the bliss of infancy, the guy who wanted to share the beauty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta ,who recommended Kings Cayman, Mt Connor trips to the top a must, the engineer and his wife who enjoyed the art and its creation process recommending the software GIMP, whats the potential?

Phone calls from Elena at the gallery in Melbourne to sort the prices of my prints she is showing today for the very first time.

Excited about being in two places at once.

The gallery shiraz  across the path recommended the people they use to freight sales It was a two places at once kind of day.

Untitled 1.png Third piece from the desert series finding its own way . The marks, the colour, over time on sandstone, that is Uluru.

Moving on a number of fronts , projects and ideas ,gestures , contributing to self esteem repair.

Gave my new body board a work out a couple of days ago , funky .

Catch up with next post





Desert series

The second piece from this series is in development here is a sneak peak

Untitled 4.png

Leave it alone or revisit ? That’s the question .

Think I will do ordinary, visit a surf shop , a new boggie board , focus on sourcing cardboard boxes for packaging prints ordered on-line from the new shopping page. Walk on the beach with Jenn, hell will it fit into one day ?

Did I mention that NWR prints will be available soon from the print rack @

Ryazanoff Gallery 117 Bridport St Albert Park Vic 3206. Looking forward to having exposure in Melbourne.  A small selection will be available initially, and as sales increase the range will be expanded with the possibility of a exhibition in the future .

There you go .

With unfinished business behind me and blue sky in front, and boundless inspiration the days aren’t long enough. Don’t mean goin tear about ,no, just make the lost of every day  and keep putting things to the side for inclusion in a life time me exhibition with sound

But for now

The pop-up gallery will be at Carrara markets Gold Coast this sunday 1 July 2018 come on  down .

Till  next post stay safe




New shopping page coming soon

Days away from posting our new shopping page for the gallery

We have selected approx. a dozen pieces from the gallery data base, and included them on our new shopping page. Now you will be able to buy prints of these items online.

Have just returned from a trip to the Uluru and surrounds ,and will be developing a series of new pictures around this experience.

Did our second trip to the Redcliffe jetty markets with our pop up gallery last sunday. Beautiful day, great vibe, interesting people, a few sales.

Great news . My prints will soon be available in Melbourne from the print rack at

Ryazanoff Gallery

117 Bridport St Albert Park 3206

1st of the new desert series in progress










Putting unfinished business behind me, did Carrara markets Sat 2th June and will be there again on next Saturday the 9th.

Untitled 3.png

Sold this piece last week to a Sydney client.

The build up to mid 2019 exhibition can happen in earnest now

works list building

Downtown                                                                                                                                                Central park                                                                                                                                            Rock dancers triptych and others                                                                                                      Bridge to nowhere











Continuing with new works for next year

‘down town’ and ‘ Central park’ are in early stages of development . Continue to find new expression within both pictures as they emerge.

Took the popup gallery to  Cararra markets last Sunday , have begun demonstrating how I work within digital media . Creating mixed interest, its like a magnet to young people and goes right over the head of anybody past 40, even though they are the people who buy.There take on it , I don’t want to know how you produce the work I’m into the finished product .

However saying that my last customer a young girl who wanted to buy a gift for her friend who had everything  , so purchase a set of Oz blossums as the gift.

Back at Cararra for next Sunday and the following Saturday and its back to the beach front markets at Burleigh Sunday week


Untitled 3.png

Untitled 1.png