Opening night in Melbourne

Big thanks to Elana and Anita for a multicultural opening night .


Terrence Martin in Melbourne – The Exhibition draws nearer

With Easter fast approaching, make sure you set aside the evening of the Thursday the 18th of April to attend the opening of Terrence Martin’s Melbourne Exhibition. The opening reception at Ryazanoff Gallery will occur between 6pm and 8pm. You are warmly invited to attend. The Gallery is located at 117 Bridport St, Albert Park, just east of Montague St. Catch the tram (South Melb Beach tram No.1)

This is an excellent selection of Terrence’s work with prints of many works being available for sale.

The Exhibition will continue with the full display of all selected works from April 16th through until May 8th.

Please feel welcome to contact the Gallery Manager and owner Elena for further details on 0477 015 110. For those unable to attend on Thursday evening, the Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday – please call and make an appointment with a time that suits your schedule.

This is a perfect opportunity to meet with the artist – Terrence Martin. Terrence takes traditional Art that one step further using digital programs to alter his images in creative and interesting fashions.

Make sure you don’t miss this splendid exhibition. It is simply superb. Terrence will then be exhibiting in New York in mid June.

For a sneak preview of his works, visit his online Gallery. Topical, revealing and simply brilliant interpretive art.

Terrence Martin, April 18th – 6-8pm reception. Ryazanoff Gallery, 117 Bridport St, Albert Park. Art – in the moment.

Terrence Martin in Melbourne

The Exhibition – Terrence Martin, Nine White Rooms
Opening Reception – Thursday April 18th between 6-8pm
117 Bridport St, Albert Park, just east of Montague St.

Every now and again there’s something special happening in Melbourne, and this time exciting talent Terrence Martin is holding an exhibition at Ryazanoff Gallery in Albert Park from the 16th of April through until the 8th of May.

Terrence’s art is eclectic – a combination of style, vision and technology. Taking traditional painting, ink drawings and charcoal – then enhancing the finished art digitally.

The works are designed to be presented as prints. Themes from florals, beach and coastal to still life. From active dancing to portrait. Take a sneak preview here [LINK

Viewing the works in a Gallery setting is quite unique. the blue light, the electronics is no longer needed. Just another layer in the creative development of these exceptional works.

Please feel welcome to contact Elena of Ryazanoff Gallery for further details on 0477 015 110. If you can’t attend on Thursday evening the gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday – or call and make an appointment.

Make sure you don’t miss this splendid exhibition. A superb collection. Terrence will then be exhibiting in New York in mid June.

Take the opportunity to meet the artist on Thursday evening, the 18th of April.

Art – Life – Living

The NHR gallery

Ninewhiterooms was conceived in 2011 as a virtual on-line art gallery.

The concept was given a architectural design form based on its namesake Nine white rooms. The form evolved as nine stepped gallery spaces  with the roof of each providing further outdoor space for displaying sculpture . The dream of this facility was it would be located adjacent a stepped waterfall , with  access provided by a landscaped pathway , across the water course by glass bridges, designed to form a separation between the forest setting and the artwork .

This imaginary development provided that context for the work that was to fill its rooms and roof gardens , and requires those who resonate with the work to imagine the wonder of this extraordinary piece of virtual architecture.

To create these paintings and infuse life to the architecture a scale model was constructed and the resultant photography emerged.

Untitled 11.png



The design steps down the landscape and sideways to follow the adjoining water feature .Guests would arrive at the top and be directed to a free standing pavilion at the top of the landscaped pathway giving access to the three glass walkway bridges linking the pathway to the gallery rooms.

Showcasing the work of Terrence Martin , a mixed media artist working in digital space thru exhibitions posted annually since 2013. The works displayed in each room , can be printed on request as limited addition stretched canvases, or the high quality paper  ready for framing .

The subject themes for each room reflect the diverse interests of the artist resulting in a magical body of work




Just thinking

Spacial awareness

a) In the supermarket the other day, something caught my attention 5 teenage girls all focused in their respective phones come to a halt in the main doorway, blocking access and egress , spacial awareness no longer part of their consciousness like a lost art , oblivious to the fact they were blocking access/egress to the market. They eventually  moved driven by an unknown connection.

b)  The footpath totally blocked by a group of young people engaged in conversation, when I purposely bumped one of them , his spacial awareness came to life and he apologised for blocking access , but didn’t move and continued his conversation .


A false sense of knowing ,a false sense of self-confidance bought about by the devaluation of learning. A young teenage boy thinks he has it all covered but is ignorant of his ignorance .

If you can goggle everything why bother to learn anything. Access is all you need. Search engines restrict your access by demanding we are crystal clear about what we want to find out about otherwise we are taken to numerous sites

Question ” Are there waterfalls in Greece “?  search engine takes me to Greek to photos of waterfalls in Greece as well as elsewhere, also greek tourism ,beaches,ancient greek  mythology.

Markets provide a direct connection with customers. Each sunday, not knowing who you will connect with or if you will connect at all. Satisfaction ,when people resonate with the work, its like a unspoken language.

waiting for sunrise.png