Climate crises

Glasgow is next month : a defining moment in history. Action, action action.I ask myself what am I doing that makes me part of the solution not the problem.
Daily participation in recycling activity plus share purchase in company that is manufacturing the barton heat engine to produce electricity and biomass and locating them for and in each shire council across the country .Decentralised power plants that reuse exhaust from other industries producing electricity and a waste product called biomass. Share purchase in a company that is developing new ways of storing meta data at a nano level .

This makes me part of the solution.


Delta strain has changed our response to this vaccine. Fear has joined our reaction to how we respond and how the government do to. Atmospheric changes to Northern hemisphere has caused severe weather events. Vaccine roll out in various countries ,is being done differently, me I’m waiting to see if the vaccines improve over 1-5 year . Eyes open for new options

Exhibition Isle of Capri One Arts exhibition Nov 2021 Blue skies, a abstract landscape, using particular procreate app brushes ” Triangulum “, “Marble.”, Charcoal 2B compressed. Till next week.