enjoying finding my way in to engage and link the subject,backdrop,and the light with suitable brush strokes . I’ve been drafting the structure of the piece in pencil to manage the scale and proportions of both sitter/backdrop/light source . Photograph this , and take it into digital space to paint and edit . The impressionists are inspiring ,learning from Kostyra Lupanov , Asya Oblamsky, Nelson Molina and others . Getting the right brush size ,weight of paint , is slow but still remains spontaneous ,in the choices I make , take it that step further . It’s the sixth portrait I’m working on , the second of the British monarchs,Queen Anne . She , very different from Elizebeth but the process is the same , working her facial features , woman of the sixteen and seventeen hundreds ,different in their persona . Wigs ,cosmetics , and elaborate clothing ,defined the ruling class . Anne experienced poor health throughout her life and the portrait reflects this .


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