Current thinking


Gallery visualisation 

Working on visualising bridge access ( over waterfall ) to galleries no 2 , 5 , 8. Keep watch for this as each bridge is designed to be made of powder blue structural glass.

Bird gallery

Two works in progress ” two gulls and a hot potato chip” in concept stage and the other “Two chicks learning to fly” , in development stage .

Sea & Beach gallery 

Developing a vertical panorama format for skyscapes  1600 x 360 and a larger format about 3000 x 3000 .

Crowd gallery

Express the notion of teamwork images . The best expression of ” all equal participants ” eg classical music quartet.

Pop-up gallery 

Finding print options for fabric designs

File 25-7-17, 10 31 27.pngFile 31-7-17, 14 18 37.png


Going to Print today 

” Bridge to nowhere ” 800 x 800x 30 stretched canvas ready for the pop up gallery

”  Burleigh beach ”    1100 x 360 x 30 stretched canvas  for 324









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