Living with your own artworks

With ninewhiterooms evolving as a brand name new artworks are being developed each year,along with apparel art ,limited addition prints , fabric art.

The website hosts all works produced during each year, and forms the annual exhibition which the gallery hosts each year As the new exhibition  is mounted each January the previous years pieces are relocated to the Archive virtual warehouse which has  setup similar to the working gallery spaces. This cataloging makes it easy to view work back to 2013 when the gallery was first established .

Links formed with other onsite galleries such as Artupclose .com also provide a portal for showcasing the work .

Living with 4-5 year old pieces provides a real insight to expression.

Beginning to find my myself , gathering strength,feeling confidant about when to leave a piece alone and when not to. The idea of “finished” is a challenge .

Current work


“Haze” two days old     just leave it and let it live a bit.



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