Between the flags

The beach on the weekend

The beach on the weekend

Some recent comments from buyers

“ A picture encouraging responsible behaviour “

“ I’ve just come from there “

My comment I was trying to capture the glare that prevails during the summer months when the sand appears white .

Engaging with customers is interesting , some are surprised when I tell them that particular pieces were created up to five years ago . like good wine they gain a maturity, especially when you can talk directly to the inspiration behind the work.

One customer expressed interest in “ Malignant” a piece completed in 2009  see below When I shared with her that it was me giving expression to a malignant tumour I was battling in 2009, she replied that she was a surgical nurse and had seen the impact of such tumors on patients and that that I was a lucky to be alive 8 years on .



Another touched by the fact that here is someone doing exactly what he wants to do Taking art to the marketplace has a long tradition, numerous expressions of interest , breaking down the isolated atmosphere in a  traditional gallery .

Will be at Marine parade Coolangatta market on Sunday  7am-2pm . Come down and join in the fun . We have the usual product mix of T shirts , stretched canvases , A4 prints on etching rag ,greeting cards , and raw beauty skin products .



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