The new pictures for 2018 exhibition are uploaded and can be seen in each gallery (1-9). Also we are currently trying to make the website a little more user friendly , with small changes to how you navigate around and possibly adding a shopping page, that will contain the best sellers from 2017 in A3 and A4 format on high quality etching rag all within white matt surrounds ready for framing (by others).                                                       Going direct to the public via our pop-up gallery, we are getting direct feedback about the work from a wide range of people, with differing knowledge of art , people with only their intuition to guide them to art collectors with extensive experience.

60 new pieces have been posted for the current exhibition and we are beginning to go thru a selection process over the course of this year to choose the pieces that will form my first solo exhibition in June 2019 in NYC. This will be challenging as the NWR catalogue contains approx. 220 pieces to select from .

How I will do this, will depend on intuition, some are 5 years old so the connection is more than intuition . Size of the prints is a study in itself to give each piece the best expression. At this stage the show will be made up of appox 20 pieces .

The show will not have a theme, but showcase a international artist working in mixed media .

This narrative will be on going till June 2019



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