Desert series

The second piece from this series is in development here is a sneak peak

Untitled 4.png

Leave it alone or revisit ? That’s the question .

Think I will do ordinary, visit a surf shop , a new boggie board , focus on sourcing cardboard boxes for packaging prints ordered on-line from the new shopping page. Walk on the beach with Jenn, hell will it fit into one day ?

Did I mention that NWR prints will be available soon from the print rack @

Ryazanoff Gallery 117 Bridport St Albert Park Vic 3206. Looking forward to having exposure in Melbourne.  A small selection will be available initially, and as sales increase the range will be expanded with the possibility of a exhibition in the future .

There you go .

With unfinished business behind me and blue sky in front, and boundless inspiration the days aren’t long enough. Don’t mean goin tear about ,no, just make the lost of every day  and keep putting things to the side for inclusion in a life time me exhibition with sound

But for now

The pop-up gallery will be at Carrara markets Gold Coast this sunday 1 July 2018 come on  down .

Till  next post stay safe





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