Waratah 1 2018

This portrait has been a pleasure ,for two weeks I have practiced the discipline needed ,and followed it to completion. Didn’t know how it was going to look but love the result.

It was originally suggested by someone who expressed interest in another picture I had on display at my market gallery a month ago,

I was introduced to her daughter whose name was waratah.

In response to this conversation I started two pieces, not as commissions but out of interest to see if the conversation could evolve into something deeper.

Began further work on ” The jellyfish ” and simultaneously started researching a native of the Nepean area near Sydney known as the ” white waratah”.

I made the decision this would be the sitter for a portrait of the same name.

Like the meandering nature of these two works, I had no idea of how they would turn out, but turned up to them each day till I feel that they were finished.

Untitled 4

The jellyfish seems to resonate with the Quondamooka people.I’m delighted to think that it does.


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