Sunday 19 Aug 2018

Took the gallery to quandomooka country yesterday
Setout around 4.30am heading up the M1 4 lanes to myself most of the time singing, lyrics about early birds , and reaching the jetty market around 6am. The sun was peaking over Stradbroke island the stall holders all busy getting set for the day .

Early bird singing in the predawn
Flying though the cold air
No radio no tv no guitar just me
My product in the back
See what I bring back

By late morning thought the gallery marquee was more like a sailing ship,wasn’t sure I was sailing with the wind or against it, but it was blowing in gusts from wherever it wanted, by 1pm I was holding the roof down .

Resonated with some interesting people, made some sales , packed it down before any damage , headed home ,along the promenade watching the wind surfers taking off , airborne , revelling in the high winds.

Crossing the gateway thought the van might go airborne a couple of times . M1 on the run home busy as usual with Sunday afternoon traffic heading south.

Untitled 4

Jellyfish drifting somewhere between Redcliffe and stadebroke island


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