Terrence Martin – A Digital Artist – Nine White Rooms


Art – traditionally it’s been paintings – oil and water colours. Sculptures – from marble to copper to ferrous metals. Museums are filled with the works of past masters. Major Art Galleries hold the paintings of Van Gogh, DaVinci an Constable. Australian Art is represented from the famous works of the Heidelberg School – Strethen, McCubbin and Roberts – through to the more contemporary offerings of Brett Whitley.


Terrence Martin is an innovator, a trailblazer. Starting with traditional art he transfers his original drawings, paintings adn images via iPad to a digital platform where he further utilises software, technology and electronic imagery to present an extraordinary art.

Pixelated images – even to the point of holographic experiences is where our consciousness is travelling. Light and its projection is the new medium.

Take a journey – visit Terrence’s website http://www.ninewhiterooms.com.au/ – enter the Nine White Rooms and experience the fine sensuality of his works. See something you like? Visit the online store here https://shop.ninewhiterooms.com.au/. Purchase prints in A4 or A3 of full sized art pieces on request. Just take the time, sit back and enjoy. You have nine white rooms to visit.


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