A great big thank you to those who purchased product from Ninewhiterooms pop-up gallery at Broadbeach , Gold coast  yesterday . A nice day for everybody to browse the wide variety of product on display .

The gallery at the gold Coast markets coincides with a presence at Ryzanoff  fine art gallery in Albert Park Melbourne, and our on-line gallery showcasing the annual exhibition . A new shopping page has been added to the website and is now open for purchasing direct form the website, ready for framing, or fully mounted canvases, ready for shipping  . New to the shop over the next month , apparel sales will be added featuring current artwork from the gallery DTG printed on Ts.

A sneak preview of some recent interests

1 Flightless birds ( ie emus , ostrich , kiwi , domestic chickens) . These paintings will form part of the 2019 BIRDS gallery on line exhibition . A new found maturity can be found in these works , and provide the encouragement to further my career as a full time working artist.


2 Addition to the Architecture gallery 2019, a video of an architectural model of ninwhiterooms designed and constructed to showcase the art year round of Terrence Martin. The gallery is set in a wilderness site, adjoining a waterfall , a ideal surround for presentation of a wide and varying  subject interests







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