June July 2019

My exhibition in New York was the culmination of 3 years planning and was a big success. Arriving home I have been re-thinking my way forward, and have begun with some new mixed media works from photographs taken as we crossed the globe

A freezing morning in the African bush gave up this photograph which I have made a digital painting of .

Zebra portrait

It is intended for the ninewhiterooms 2020 exhibition , included in the portrait gallery. A number of other pieces from our trip around the globe will be added as they come to hand .

Will add regular pieces during the remaining part of the year.

Working on a submission to Australia council for the Arts to fund three exhibitons in 2020 in Europe.

2020 is the seventh year of my career in art also my 77 year on the planet.

Published by ninewhiterooms

The ninewhiterooms gallery features exclusively the work of contemporary mixed media artist Terrence Martin . The works on show spanning the last six years are available as limited addition prints for shipping across the globe . Pop-up exhibitions in Sicily,Greece and Paris are all in the planning stage

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