June 23 2020

Luxurious A stone curved so hollow it was translucent, wrapped in gold fabric that smimmered,folded,joined effortlessly. Egyptian middle history,

Untitled 383

Like it could be some beautiful furniture piece,

Untitled 382

Coming forward in time.                                                                                                                    Summer holidays Palm beach cavaran park 1949. Living in a caravan for four weeks.where the adults were tall ,the golf course dangerous,dodging flying balls.A park of different shapes and colours, glare filled skies, salt drying on our shoulders and ears, a yearning to go to the Palladian for ice-cream

Untitled 368


Published by ninewhiterooms

The ninewhiterooms gallery features exclusively the work of contemporary mixed media artist Terrence Martin . The works on show spanning the last six years are available as limited addition prints for shipping across the globe . Pop-up exhibitions in Sicily,Greece and Paris are all in the planning stage

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