9 July 2020


Began a new experiment with clear plastic film/white translucent cylinders. Acrylic paints applied to the film. When dry, rolled the film into a cylinder, illuminated it with various light sources. Used the white cylinders, to drape the painted film in waves .A photographic and video session followed, the result being a number base images to take into ipad space for editing and discovery.

The first edit . Piece no 1

Untitled 437 The second edit . Piece no 2

Untitled 440

As they progress they will form part of the Abstract gallery 2021 exhibition.



Published by ninewhiterooms

The ninewhiterooms gallery features exclusively the work of contemporary mixed media artist Terrence Martin . The works on show spanning the last six years are available as limited addition prints for shipping across the globe . Pop-up exhibitions in Sicily,Greece and Paris are all in the planning stage

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