Bumping Whiteley

Driving west out of Sydney in the sixties, with Brett and Wendy, heading for a weekend of creativity at Hill End. We arrived, after a uneventful trip, cold, winter sunny afternoon, the tension coming out of Brett( for no apparent reason) like a coiled spring as he walked off down the paddock on his own ,with sketch pad and Johnny Walker. In hindsight my ex and I were there only to provide the opportunity that Brett might chance upon sex with my ex. His sex obsession I didn’t see till sometime later, when he was hitting on my daughter . Saturday night went by drinking and sitting by the fire smoking .Early morning, as the household started to stir, the fire in the pot belly stove out, leaving the place freezing .Outside a blanket of mist filled the paddocks covering everything as if they needed to be covered. Brett bought his moody self into the day, while Wendy was no where to be seem, but there all the time. After a day of, joints and photography we bundled back in the car and headed home to Sydney. Driving along Parramatta Rd toward the city, a argument erupted between Brett and Wendy, screening accusations, levelled at each other across the front seat, then in a heartbeat while the lights were red, he opened the drivers door and disappeared along the centre medium strip. We were left sitting in the back seat with Wendy screaming at him out the window, finally, she takes the drivers seat and drives off, Brett nowhere to be seem. Arriving home, it was like a note to myself ” never again”. Hill end on polariod

Published by ninewhiterooms

The ninewhiterooms gallery features exclusively the work of contemporary mixed media artist Terrence Martin . The works on show spanning the last six years are available as limited addition prints for shipping across the globe . Pop-up exhibitions in Sicily,Greece and Paris are all in the planning stage

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