Something recent

Delivered my piece for the Border art prize. Then something new appeared this morning

Untitled 1.png

almost arrived unnoticed .

Will be at Redcliffe jetty market Sunday, come by a say hello






NYC cont


The magical piece has been hovering around for a couple of years , just found the next step in its evolution.

Untitled 4.png


Continuing with new works for next year

‘down town’ and ‘ Central park’ are in early stages of development . Continue to find new expression within both pictures as they emerge.

Took the popup gallery to  Cararra markets last Sunday , have begun demonstrating how I work within digital media . Creating mixed interest, its like a magnet to young people and goes right over the head of anybody past 40, even though they are the people who buy.There take on it , I don’t want to know how you produce the work I’m into the finished product .

However saying that my last customer a young girl who wanted to buy a gift for her friend who had everything  , so purchase a set of Oz blossums as the gift.

Back at Cararra for next Sunday and the following Saturday and its back to the beach front markets at Burleigh Sunday week


Untitled 3.png

Untitled 1.png


Renovations to the website are progressing  and the works for NYC mid 2019 continues .

Focusing on the streetscapes and central park


Untitled 5.png

Beautiful triptych rockart dancers that has been underway for a number of months, is planned for the big apple

rockart A15.jpg

A colourful spectacle






New York City

Beginning the long journey to a show in NYC mid 2019.

The first piece is underway, a city scape finding its way to completion . Its abstract, busy, intriguing , meaningless, and other qualities yet to unfold.

The first of approx. 13 new pieces shown below , to make up my show .







The gold coast beachside markets are cancelled till May. So I have found a space at Carrara markets for tomorrow and if it works out will be there over the following two weekends during the commonwealth games.

Still trying to get all my ducks in a row

Untitled 6.png

and have started preparing some new pieces for NYC show next year,

So , if your around tomorrow , come on down to the big shed at Carrarra markets , will be there from 7.30am – 2.30pm.



The power of art

The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words was never so true, yesterday,when I showed some new works to a adviser .

His reaction acknowledged the power of the two pieces without uttering a word. The two pieces will remain undercover till some time in the future when they may form part of an exhibition .

A Swedish customer commented  the piece below says everything to people from a cold climates. This one will be on show whenever it can.