The crowd scene

Have been working on a new addition to the “Crowd gallery” at ninewhiterooms. It’s a big crowd and the only way that I’ve found to complete it is to populate the picture with a max of 12 people at a time , before I loose interest in the detail. So have been doing it now for nearly three weeks and have the venue 50 % full . Meanwhile to extract myself from getting lost in too much detail ,I opened up a new canvas and this came out


Still open to working on it ,but for now it remains finished .                                             Another piece that has been evolving at the same time is this one about” isolation” and the possibility of a distant connection  . Feeling good about the body of work  so far this year it will make a  more mature show for 2018.88D6BBE6-2F71-4FE5-8DA4-D10767989F91



Living with your own artworks

With ninewhiterooms evolving as a brand name new artworks are being developed each year,along with apparel art ,limited addition prints , fabric art.

The website hosts all works produced during each year, and forms the annual exhibition which the gallery hosts each year As the new exhibition  is mounted each January the previous years pieces are relocated to the Archive virtual warehouse which has  setup similar to the working gallery spaces. This cataloging makes it easy to view work back to 2013 when the gallery was first established .

Links formed with other onsite galleries such as Artupclose .com also provide a portal for showcasing the work .

Living with 4-5 year old pieces provides a real insight to expression.

Beginning to find my myself , gathering strength,feeling confidant about when to leave a piece alone and when not to. The idea of “finished” is a challenge .

Current work


“Haze” two days old     just leave it and let it live a bit.



Ninewhiterooms about ready to take the brand to the market . Ts , A4 prints , limited addition  stretched canvases varying sizes , boxsets ,will make up the works contained in our pop-up-gallery.

Orders can be placed on line by emailing your choice of artworks and the the medium in which you would like them delivered . Choose  art our gallery on line, or from a post  on facebook and we can deliver as a stretched canvas,A4 pint ready for you to frame and present to match your needs, or garments,ie Ts in men’s women’s , or kids ready to post .

If there is any sales and marketing champs out there who figure they can help with that aspect of the business contact us at


some samples




Ninewhiterooms brand

The on-line gallery is broadening its product range

1) Original artwork on stretched canvas (limited addition prints )

Anasazi canvas or similar with protective coating aquathane or similar.

Size and price on request.

2) Original artwork  on A4 size Cansen  Edition etching rag 305 gsm or Hahnemuhle cotton rag 304 gsm .

$ 25 AUD ea + postage

3) Originl artwork direct to garment prints  100% cotton Ts

$65 AUD ea + postage



Archaeology cont

Continuing to dig around mentally uncover layers consealing what’s below . Layers laid down ,movement in the cosmos layers up eclipses ,tides layer up the beach,ocean floors alter their shape . Layer up colours . Doing a print run on canson edition etching rag, A4 size . Available for purchase next week . Limited run will put them up as soon as