Sunday 21 June 2020

Doha beached, on shallow embankments, a memory from long past.   Meandering along locked in with a treasure trove of imagery initially created using drafting film + acrylic paints and my Ipad. A meandering journey that led to Egypt,the creation of a sacrophagus painted as if  made from some rare translucent stone/ gold fabric thread Continue reading “Sunday 21 June 2020”

Terrence Martin in Melbourne – The Exhibition draws nearer

With Easter fast approaching, make sure you set aside the evening of the Thursday the 18th of April to attend the opening of Terrence Martin’s Melbourne Exhibition. The opening reception at Ryazanoff Gallery will occur between 6pm and 8pm. You are warmly invited to attend. The Gallery is located at 117 Bridport St, Albert Park,Continue reading “Terrence Martin in Melbourne – The Exhibition draws nearer”