27 Oct 2020

Imagined International fine art print gallery Room 1 Abstract (hieroglyphs,sculptured relief, reflections, imprints,early life) Room 2 Architecture (food production/ survival shelter, past/future refinement) Room 3 Birds ( imagery,flight paths,altitudes, nesting, survival,history) Room 4 Crowds ( captured moments, to-getherness, energy drive, big,small) Room 5 Dance & Music ( Ballet, written music, instruments) Room 6 Landscapes (Continue reading “27 Oct 2020”

24 Oct 2020

Ninewhiterooms transforms to NWR an imagined orbiting satellite to broadcast,exhibit display . Survival over the next 50 years, the gallery to be become a catalyst for the second Reformation. The exteriors adorned with hieroglyphics,(made up of, illustrations ,diagrams ,images ,paintings,text,the roof tops with sculptures, machines,circular energy devices, the interiors for knowledge based demonstrations ,ie drawingsContinue reading “24 Oct 2020”

2nd Sept 2020

The third incarnation of a ancient/modern wharf/loading dock facility, incorporating so called advanced tech and 3000 year old tech to re-imagine the pyramids,and the capabilities of the pharaohs, their connection with the after-life, their construction abilities, their cosmology,their physics. The second incarnation a landscape featuring the transparent pyramids, glass house multi purpose bio-spheres, on aContinue reading “2nd Sept 2020”