Current thinking


Gallery visualisation 

Working on visualising bridge access ( over waterfall ) to galleries no 2 , 5 , 8. Keep watch for this as each bridge is designed to be made of powder blue structural glass.

Bird gallery

Two works in progress ” two gulls and a hot potato chip” in concept stage and the other “Two chicks learning to fly” , in development stage .

Sea & Beach gallery 

Developing a vertical panorama format for skyscapes  1600 x 360 and a larger format about 3000 x 3000 .

Crowd gallery

Express the notion of teamwork images . The best expression of ” all equal participants ” eg classical music quartet.

Pop-up gallery 

Finding print options for fabric designs

File 25-7-17, 10 31 27.pngFile 31-7-17, 14 18 37.png


Going to Print today 

” Bridge to nowhere ” 800 x 800x 30 stretched canvas ready for the pop up gallery

”  Burleigh beach ”    1100 x 360 x 30 stretched canvas  for 324








Pop-up gallery for ninewhiterooms

The on-line presense is to be extended to a pop-up-gallery planned for the gold coast arts and craft markets at Broadbeach, Coolangatta and Burleigh heads.

A banner design, business cards, new catalogue , T shirts prints and other apparel, stretched canvases, A4 prints on high quality paper, fabric print designs for cushions, infant clothing etc . A collection showcasing the work over the last 4 years .

Printing on garments , via screen printing , or DTG printing,will allow to get the art to market at a range of sale points . The gallery will have a selection of kids,womens,mens apparel plus a range of A4 prints , and stretched canvases. From our catalogue orders for work will be taken and processed by mail. We are hoping for a turn around time of 14 days for delivery within Australia. Recent works such as “Bridge to nowhere” that participated in Miami and New York within the last 12 months will be on display . Being an outdoor venue , a totally different ambience welcoming persons who may not ordinarily venture into a gallery. Pitching work toward kids will open to a wider audience .

A new experience has been re-visiting pieces that I have done up to 4 years ago and adding my current perspective to the work. It often will add a new dimension to the piece .

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pitching work




enjoying finding my way in to engage and link the subject,backdrop,and the light with suitable brush strokes . I’ve been drafting the structure of the piece in pencil to manage the scale and proportions of both sitter/backdrop/light source . Photograph this , and take it into digital space to paint and edit . The impressionists are inspiring ,learning from Kostyra Lupanov , Asya Oblamsky, Nelson Molina and others . Getting the right brush size ,weight of paint , is slow but still remains spontaneous ,in the choices I make , take it that step further . It’s the sixth portrait I’m working on , the second of the British monarchs,Queen Anne . She , very different from Elizebeth but the process is the same , working her facial features , woman of the sixteen and seventeen hundreds ,different in their persona . Wigs ,cosmetics , and elaborate clothing ,defined the ruling class . Anne experienced poor health throughout her life and the portrait reflects this .