As we speak ,

Getting the art out there .

Expanded to greeting cards, Kids Ts including “the seahorse “ range, adult Ts , stretched canvas limited addition prints , prints on 300gsm  quality paper ,cushions , and to shortly printing on linen as soon as I find out how ?


Every piece is original, and in our world today originality has a special meaning.In the visual arts pieces begin to have a life of their own . They are created and sometimes years latter acknowledged  for what the are . I have been living with pieces done 5 years ago, and the dialogue continues . The feedback from shoppers

“ Hay ,T shirt art with a difference .

Place orders for items by sending a email to



Sneak preview



“ The nippers “ review

Have enjoyed making this

“ you know when you look forward to the next time you engage with exploring “

well this piece has been like that everyday for the last two weeks . At the same time  bringing a surround pak to the A4 prints that are on sale.With backing + Matt surround + sleeve they are ready for the framer.

Also coming out this week greeting cards with select beach scenes , let you know when they arrive. Infant seahorse clothing available in about 10 days , have been trying endlessly to reduce price of blank apparel.

The new year ( Jan) will see the 1918  show made up of work completed in 1917. Previous   years can be seen by clicking on the archive tab .

All artwork is available in limited additions ( 10 per work) . So if you purchase a print you know there are only 9 others in existance . Alternatively if you enjoy a certain work and want to own it exclusively then email me and we can negotiate the price .

To all peps out there who are enjoying the product , we wish you a happy and safe Xmas and look forward to a 2018 filled with originality .

Still working one the big crowd scene taken from a conference last Sept, watch this space



The gallery will pop-up at Old Burleigh Rd Broadbeach Sunday 19th Nov 2017, hope to see you there .Should be set with our new improvements in presentation . From 7am-2pm .

Some of the pieces for sale


“Afternoon seabreeze”

File 16-11-17, 06 11 47.jpeg

“Boulders by the sea”

324 yellow boulders.jpg

” Between the flags”




A variety of Ts with DTG art, also on sale. My catalogue will be available to order any artworks either on T shirts, stretched canvases , or as A4 prints on Etching rag.

All works are composed in digital space and are a mix of photography hand drawing , and digital editing .

sold as limited addition prints


Pop-up gallery

NWR first pop-up gallery will be at arts and craft market Coolangatta Gold Coast this Sunday . Presenting stretched canvases, A4 paper prints , and apparel prints . With a price range between $24- $640 , there is access to high quality wall art and Ts .

Realising the art gallery scene needs to engage with other original thinkers we have teamed up with a skin care original to present together . Never tried this before but it seems right .

Our NWR catalogue will be available to flick thru to order from if  what is on display doesn’t take your fancy.

The pop-up will be working from the Broadbeach,Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta markets thru the summer till around April 2018 when we will have a break.

One of the feature pieces on display “ Bridge to nowhere “ will be participating at Miami art fair in Dec and the new York Art fair in Mar 2018 .


This is a current work in progress “ the underside”

Hope to see you Sunday Marine parade Coolangatta


Crowd scene cont

All the while “ The crowd” piece is building , sometimes feels like its a chore , others , a simple  journey , not anything special , but lasting. The last couple of weeks has been busy ,with several  pieces on the go , none belonging to any style, any movement , any country, any concept , the closest being self expression , acknowledging what is around me at any time and what I’m around at any time. Capturing a leaf blowing in the wind a crowd scape at the beach , giving expression to these chance encounters and sharing .


Crowd scene cont

The crowd scene is building a little at a time . The discipline needed to draft hundreds of people has been established . At each session work on around 12 figures a session then a break. The breaks have seem two pieces emerge and here they are

The first  piece “ the dogs of war “ guardians of the mythical  diety. Originated in a shell washed up on the beach photographed and taken into digital space to be integrated into a imaginary scene



The second an abstract piece originated from photographs of a snail shell washed up on the beach photographed and taken into digital space to be composted and developed into     a piece of organic beauty

meanwhile the crowd continues to gather