Self portrait

As part of therapy I have begun a series of self portraits at different stages of life with the aim to create some form of life story document.
Here are some of the pieces in there present form

Untitled 11.png

1946 as a three year old singer

Untitled 7.png

1947 as a 4 year old playing

Untitled 8.png

1954 as a 11 year old fighting for survival

Untitled 10.png

1960 as a 17 year old college student



Self esteem not a static thing, it ebbs and flows ,high and low ,adjusting the centre over the support , a life time activity as sure as breathing . A little higher little lower ,little weaker , little stronger .Like a butterfly in flight constantly adjusting, all the while blissfully beautiful.

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Ryazanoff Gallery 117 Bridport St Albert park Melbourne

Gold coast beachside markets

Redcliffe jettyside market

Sunday 19 Aug 2018

Took the gallery to quandomooka country yesterday
Setout around 4.30am heading up the M1 4 lanes to myself most of the time singing, lyrics about early birds , and reaching the jetty market around 6am. The sun was peaking over Stradbroke island the stall holders all busy getting set for the day .

Early bird singing in the predawn
Flying though the cold air
No radio no tv no guitar just me
My product in the back
See what I bring back

By late morning thought the gallery marquee was more like a sailing ship,wasn’t sure I was sailing with the wind or against it, but it was blowing in gusts from wherever it wanted, by 1pm I was holding the roof down .

Resonated with some interesting people, made some sales , packed it down before any damage , headed home ,along the promenade watching the wind surfers taking off , airborne , revelling in the high winds.

Crossing the gateway thought the van might go airborne a couple of times . M1 on the run home busy as usual with Sunday afternoon traffic heading south.

Untitled 4

Jellyfish drifting somewhere between Redcliffe and stadebroke island


Waratah 1 2018

This portrait has been a pleasure ,for two weeks I have practiced the discipline needed ,and followed it to completion. Didn’t know how it was going to look but love the result.

It was originally suggested by someone who expressed interest in another picture I had on display at my market gallery a month ago,

I was introduced to her daughter whose name was waratah.

In response to this conversation I started two pieces, not as commissions but out of interest to see if the conversation could evolve into something deeper.

Began further work on ” The jellyfish ” and simultaneously started researching a native of the Nepean area near Sydney known as the ” white waratah”.

I made the decision this would be the sitter for a portrait of the same name.

Like the meandering nature of these two works, I had no idea of how they would turn out, but turned up to them each day till I feel that they were finished.

Untitled 4

The jellyfish seems to resonate with the Quondamooka people.I’m delighted to think that it does.

July 2018

Participation in Survey of Contemporary Art 2018

This hardcover publication will be showcased at the following Art fairs NYC Miami, Monaco. Have submitted 10 images from which 4 will be selected . Will be available in NY next year during my exhibition June 2019. Have included a mix of recent pieces is desert series and others that are aging well.

Preparing 2 commissioned works for someone who saw the piece I did called

Untitled 4.png

Continuing to build the works for my show at Artifact NY mid 2019.Going to include ” The Rock dancers ” triptych, a powerful piece , with sea creatures and dancers depicted as cave paintings.


My art can now be purchased at the following outlets

Pop-up gallery at the Gold coast and Redcliffe weekly beachside markets

Ryazanoff Fine art Gallery Albert Park Melbourne

On-line shopping page at


Have begun a collaboration with Sydney jewellery designer Anne Townsend to create some pieces for


Following a recent healing feel better in the shoulders not carrying so must tension, looking forward to this being reflected in work.

Till next post

g page

New works

Narrative for new

More in the desert series. Capturing the scale of the landscape, emphasising light and shade to further promote the massive nature of the surroundings.300 million years ago, something that in itself is just mind boggling, a systemic event took place,the tutonic plates slide on each other producing a epic re-location of mountain ranges forcing a uplift of gigantic proportions that thrust sandstone rock 360M into the air forming what we call Uluru today. Also in the mix were the ancestral spirits of the Anangu people, the present custodians of the landscape, whose story telling is to be found in shapes, profiles, rock paintings around the base affirmation of the narrative of the Anangu.

Parallel with the desert series have began a collaboration with Sydney jewellery designer Anne Townsend to make some pieces based on Ninewhiterooms logo and concept design, while working on some 3D printed sculpture pieces based on the same concept design with Tony Townsend. Exciting times reaching out beyond the broundries .

Will be in Quandamooka country(Redcliffe)at the jetty markets on sunday 22 July 2018 with the pop-up gallery , so if your in the neighbourhood drop by, its its right on the waterfront from 8am-2pm .

Part of therapy I am embarking on a life story document including digital paintings, free hand ink sketching, portraits, family linage, jewellery, small sculpture, narrative, thread all working toward a healthy self worth, this is going to span the big picture bringing together moments from near and far, from the end of ones nose to the horizon and in between. Gathering things ideas, drift wood , U tube fascinations, meaningful moments , glimpses , insights, foresights. All bought to-gether, with persons of influence across the decades, their attraction , their place, their doings, their machinations. The shape this work takes will evolve as the content comes together . For now I’ll call it LSTM.