27 Oct 2020

Imagined International fine art print gallery

Room 1 Abstract (hieroglyphs,sculptured relief, reflections, imprints,early life)

Room 2 Architecture (food production/ survival shelter, past/future refinement)

Room 3 Birds ( imagery,flight paths,altitudes, nesting, survival,history)

Room 4 Crowds ( captured moments, to-getherness, energy drive, big,small)

Room 5 Dance & Music ( Ballet, written music, instruments)

Room 6 Landscapes ( Big,small, populated,measured,emotional,feeling,history)

Room 7 Nudes ( Male,female,scaled, groups,

Room 8 Portraits ( Contemporary, historical,groups

Room 9 Sea & Beach ( all aspects)

24 Oct 2020

Ninewhiterooms transforms to NWR an imagined orbiting satellite to broadcast,exhibit display .

Survival over the next 50 years, the gallery to be become a catalyst for the second Reformation. The exteriors adorned with hieroglyphics,(made up of, illustrations ,diagrams ,images ,paintings,text,the roof tops with sculptures, machines,circular energy devices, the interiors for knowledge based demonstrations ,ie drawings art, diagrams,of ways to reinstate climate balance,regenerate biodiversity, greenhouse farming,crop selection, and mind healing .

The issues facing humanity as a species.

21 Oct 2020

Starting from a blank electronic sheet, using a combination of two apps “Fresh paint “and “Sketchbook Pro” in the production of this seascape, FP provides a beautiful brush option that allows for the sea foreground while SP allows to create the birds and the buoy on different layers then bring all together by merging the layers into one file, for printing on canvas. Really happy with the colour and pictorial composition, and the subject, the marking of potential hazard with the buoy and light,the sea birds using the rocks as a landing pause, the shipping channel made aware of the rocks by the light mounted on the buoy.

14 Oct 2020

Been doing re-cycling each morning ,into the second year now . Picking thru contaminated waste to rescue glass alum and plastic from land fill, feeling I am making a small difference in healing the planet. Watched the documentary” kiss the ground”, putting the spotlight on the the loss of top soil around the planet, and what some farmers are doing to make change happen , to prevent a catastrophy in 6 decades .

We have 60 harvests left across the planet before the entire top soil is depleted.

While so many things are happening on a global scale, my exhibition at One Arts gallery is underway, and is open each day thru Oct .

Revisited this portrait of youth, and added to the context.

28 Sept 2020

Spring has bought a gentle light and wind. the ocean tides and the moon sculpturing gutters and sand bars reshaping the ocean topography. Back in the water lying around the gutters gently moved heither and teither by the current. Then one evening this landscape emerged from that well of expression I am becoming more and more familiar with. Dont know if it is finished .

8th Sept 2020

Getting ready for my exhibition at One Arts gallery on Isle of Capri . Gold Coast Qld. Start the bump in approx 3 weeks time, the show will be open thru the month of October. Limited addition prints from my digital originals. Video works as continuous streaming displaying original digital works with video overlays, to light your imagination.

Emerging from the imagination, a gathering place part underground, above ground roof,a translucent shell like structure. Now waiting for the next move to unfold.

2nd Sept 2020

The third incarnation of a ancient/modern wharf/loading dock facility, incorporating so called advanced tech and 3000 year old tech to re-imagine the pyramids,and the capabilities of the pharaohs, their connection with the after-life, their construction abilities, their cosmology,their physics.

The second incarnation a landscape featuring the transparent pyramids, glass house multi purpose bio-spheres, on a trade route.

The first incarnation of a ancient loading dock under the the guidance of the sphinx. Channelling a work of art into existence, marrying the past and the future.

17 Aug 2020

Instigated a collaboration with Gold Coast photographer Ross Spencer to make a short video of one of my paintings called Blue Moon accompanied by a sound track identified by me from Juan Dussans Album ” Voyage ” track “Red veil “. Plan to add it to the video loop being created for my show at One Art gallery Isle of Capri during the month of October. Hopefully, the pandemic restrictions will have eased.

Part of preparation will also include a print of ” Black Drops” using a new print process on canvas.

11 Aug 2020

The last 8 days have been affected by fake news. Trying to make a simple overlay to my back deck and Im under seige from fake advice about approvals. having spent 3 decades having to seek the approval of others to carry out architectural works this little deck overlay reminded me of how intolerable the process is . The deck will be the last time I go near a architectural project except in the imagination .

Meanwhile I have made some progress on my two characters below . Pretty much I have settled on the their names Eugene and Raylene, and they go driving and chat regularly. The chat topics are the next creative impulse. I think they are well informed articulate,hip.