1 Aug 2020

3D painting. Using acrylic paint spontaneously create a abstract image on clear plastic film, When dry roll the film inot the shape of a cyclinder. Using various light sources including sunlight to illuminate the cyclinder and photogragh from many angles. Assess the images and edit those that dont suggest possibilities, for digital editing, the others proceed to digital space to transform into works of beauty. The piece below is like looking into a wave breaking on the shore line sand churning, white water glissening in the sun .

Have recently created these characters, and begun to give them personalities

19 July 2020

Following on from the 9th of July I have made a discovery . Two new works full of watery wonder, marine transparency, and the spirit of ocean life.   Untitled 460

Allow time to see if they both have more to give.

Untitled 461

Reading Jeremy Griffiths  “Freedom” a monumental work a in-depth treasure.



14 July 2020

Been engaged with the last of the photographic imagery developed last week. All have been transferred to digital space, and the initial process of editing out those pics that are deemed to have no life of their own have been culled. As for the remainder the journey of discovery has begun . So I thought I would share with you some progress with a couple of  them. Below the base is somewhat transparent so I overlayed two images, then what emerged, had the appearance of water, to which I painted in flames, combining the two elements fire and water. Next will come, Earth,metal,Wood to complete the five basic elements.

Untitled 452

Next this prevocative suggestion of place is waiting to be occupied by what ? I dont know I think it needs time to emerge.

Untitled 449 Ready friday 17 July . Newly minted  Print NO1  ” #2021.01 Blue cosmos on canvas. Size 1.775M x 1M deep. Destined for my next exhibition Oct 2020 at One Art Isle of Capri Gold Coast Australia.

#2021.01 Blue world

Till next time .

9 July 2020


Began a new experiment with clear plastic film/white translucent cylinders. Acrylic paints applied to the film. When dry, rolled the film into a cylinder, illuminated it with various light sources. Used the white cylinders, to drape the painted film in waves .A photographic and video session followed, the result being a number base images to take into ipad space for editing and discovery.

The first edit . Piece no 1

Untitled 437 The second edit . Piece no 2

Untitled 440

As they progress they will form part of the Abstract gallery 2021 exhibition.



4th July 2020


Photographed a dead palm leaf I collected from the garden. Transferred it to digital space and imagined it as a auditorium. This work in progress is destined for the Architectural gallery .

Untitled 432

Sametime photographed a palm tree stem, transferred to digital space and imagined two characters within the shape of the sten . As this progresses it could become a dailogue between two people.

Untitled 431

Destined for the Portrait gallery

June 29 2020

Viewing these pieces is enhanched by the larger format that wordpress makes available.

First studies of the bar-headed geese flying over the Himalayas , touching the edge of flight, global traveller’s who remain a mystery.  A new addition to the NWR bird gallery when finished.

Untitled 414

A photograph of a leaf structure providing a idea for an arena gathering space. Upload the photo to digital space for editing to see what evolves. Eventually to join the NWR Architectural gallery

Untitled 412

This began as a photo of a dried leaf from the garden. bringing it into digital space for editing will slowly reveal what it holds within . Destined for the NWR Abstract gallery .

Untitled 413

Hope you enjoy.

June 23 2020

Luxurious A stone curved so hollow it was translucent, wrapped in gold fabric that smimmered,folded,joined effortlessly. Egyptian middle history,

Untitled 383

Like it could be some beautiful furniture piece,

Untitled 382

Coming forward in time.                                                                                                                    Summer holidays Palm beach cavaran park 1949. Living in a caravan for four weeks.where the adults were tall ,the golf course dangerous,dodging flying balls.A park of different shapes and colours, glare filled skies, salt drying on our shoulders and ears, a yearning to go to the Palladian for ice-cream

Untitled 368


Sunday 21 June 2020

Doha beached, on shallow embankments, a memory from long past.

Untitled 397


Meandering along locked in with a treasure trove of imagery initially created using drafting film + acrylic paints and my Ipad. A meandering journey that led to Egypt,the creation of a sacrophagus painted as if  made from some rare translucent stone/ gold fabric thread  placed in a buriel chamber, the walls of which adorned with memories depicked in previous paintings .

Untitled 399


Update 16 6 2020

My April exhibition has been postponed till Oct 2020 , for obvious reasons, and my dissatisfaction with FB has reached a all time low. The introduction of their algorithms means the honeymoon is over. I have realised I can use my latest news segment to achieve the same ends , ie sharing my work with those who enjoy it, and the odd realisations to boot.

Untitled 360

The next weeks will unfold a treasure trove of  images that enter new territory and can only be found on my website.

April 3rd 2020 Exhibition

My current exhibition

to be held at    One arts Gallery

Location           Isle of Capri Gold Coast Australia

April 3rd 2020.

The show will provide a opportunity for friends and followers to see a diverse selection of recent work, to be held across the month of April, with opening night the 3rd, giving everybody plenty of time to browse, at a time to suit their own busy lives. The exhibition is made up of 30 recent works  all limited addition prints and all for sale.

I look forward to being there for the opening, to share the stories behind each piece, and current interests, firing my new creations. Invitations will be sent out thru March.

The venue is small but opens out to adjoining parkland providing a perfect backdrop.

Hope to see you there

Terrence M