Begun the arguous task of connecting my art to the digital /cryto marketplace/mining platform “OpenSea” ( NWR now has a pre-sense on this site using the same logo and name Ninewhiterooms art gallery. A number of steps to go before I can register my work as NFTs- just a matter of time . Opensea requires a wallet using ethereum so still to get that in place. So will accept ethereum as currency for purchasing originals files or prints,as well as Bitcoin once the process is complete.

Have now certification for 10 original digital works with blockchain information.


Collectors and followers Have begun the process of lodging certification/authenticity, for each of my digital works of art on the Bitcoin blockchain ,via Verisart. Both the digital file and the limited addition prints 1-10 of each work will be certified, giving buyers the ability to tack the progress of each work,and it’s value.

The registration on the blockchain takes time so will inform when the first work is up.

2 Feb 2021

The new exhibition for the year 2021 Now posted in each gallery, and will remain throughout the year till this time 2022 I invite all those who enjoy the work to wander the different galleries and share the perceptions and likeness. This is me, finding my visual voice on a number of subjects, from highlighting the tragedy that is civil war in Syria to witnessing the indigenous cultures embracing new tech to yet again embrace their culture . Hope you enjoy and remember, you can come back and back as often as you like to take in this large body of work ( nearly 70 pieces).

25Jan 2021

Happy new year to all. A new exhibition will be posted within the next 10 days to each of the nine galleries, with the stand out works completed in 2020.

Cinnamon, a mature woman of means, punches above her weight when she really shouldn’t, a nomad at heart, but loyal. Add to portrait gallery in 22

Classical architecture to add to the Architectural gallery in 22.

Abstract work in progress

31 Oct 2020

A day later, the imagined international fine art gallery in orbit has advanced to a new level. The nine gallery rooms forming the body of the station themed to facilitate particular fascinations . eg Room 1 has exclusively Abstract works.

Attached wings, for archive storage and studio space for latest news formulation, mirror the tabs found on the home page banner.