The NHR gallery

Ninewhiterooms was conceived in 2011 as a virtual on-line art gallery.

The concept was given a architectural design form based on its namesake Nine white rooms. The form evolved as nine stepped gallery spaces  with the roof of each providing further outdoor space for displaying sculpture . The dream of this facility was it would be located adjacent a stepped waterfall , with  access provided by a landscaped pathway , across the water course by glass bridges, designed to form a separation between the forest setting and the artwork .

This imaginary development provided that context for the work that was to fill its rooms and roof gardens , and requires those who resonate with the work to imagine the wonder of this extraordinary piece of virtual architecture.

To create these paintings and infuse life to the architecture a scale model was constructed and the resultant photography emerged.

Untitled 11.png



The design steps down the landscape and sideways to follow the adjoining water feature .Guests would arrive at the top and be directed to a free standing pavilion at the top of the landscaped pathway giving access to the three glass walkway bridges linking the pathway to the gallery rooms.

Showcasing the work of Terrence Martin , a mixed media artist working in digital space thru exhibitions posted annually since 2013. The works displayed in each room , can be printed on request as limited addition stretched canvases, or the high quality paper  ready for framing .

The subject themes for each room reflect the diverse interests of the artist resulting in a magical body of work




Just thinking

Spacial awareness

a) In the supermarket the other day, something caught my attention 5 teenage girls all focused in their respective phones come to a halt in the main doorway, blocking access and egress , spacial awareness no longer part of their consciousness like a lost art , oblivious to the fact they were blocking access/egress to the market. They eventually  moved driven by an unknown connection.

b)  The footpath totally blocked by a group of young people engaged in conversation, when I purposely bumped one of them , his spacial awareness came to life and he apologised for blocking access , but didn’t move and continued his conversation .


A false sense of knowing ,a false sense of self-confidance bought about by the devaluation of learning. A young teenage boy thinks he has it all covered but is ignorant of his ignorance .

If you can goggle everything why bother to learn anything. Access is all you need. Search engines restrict your access by demanding we are crystal clear about what we want to find out about otherwise we are taken to numerous sites

Question ” Are there waterfalls in Greece “?  search engine takes me to Greek to photos of waterfalls in Greece as well as elsewhere, also greek tourism ,beaches,ancient greek  mythology.

Markets provide a direct connection with customers. Each sunday, not knowing who you will connect with or if you will connect at all. Satisfaction ,when people resonate with the work, its like a unspoken language.

waiting for sunrise.png




Day 1  : Post this years exhibition for each room.

Room 1 Theme Abstract               7 new works including the Rock dancers

Room 2 Theme Architecture       3 new works including video of NWR

Room 3 Theme Birds                    5 new works including the emu mob

Room 4 Theme Crowds                4 new works including the after-life

Room 5 Theme Dance & Music   1 new work

Room 6 Theme Landscapes         7 new works

Room 7 Theme Nudes                   2 new works

Room 8 Theme  Portraits              4 new works

Room 9 Theme  Sea & Beach        1 new work

Arrange construction of crate to transport works to NYC and possibly Melbourne.







Thinking about adult life

How so much time is spent at work, the friendships there , the alliances, the partnerships , the enemies formed ?

Union rally . Solidarity, voice in numbers, common goals, common skills


Union rally.png

Management team meeting . chair person sets agenda, each team member contributes to common benefit of the organisation. but often the agenda is hidden, meetings highjacked, team is a hard act to follow. Putting images to these human endeavours the challenge shinning the spot light in that direction not the traditional focus of art, but will form park of next years NWR  exhibition in the Crowd gallery.

Team meeting.png


Unions use soladrity

Management use dissemination of  information via team meetings including digital comms to reach team members beyond the meeting room.

The choice of style for differing groups,

how the differing styles come together, the image of management reps in the workplace space and union reps at management team meetings .





Terrence Martin – well known Gold Coast Artist to exhibit in New York in June next year.

2014.88_-_Between_the_flags_1512x copy.jpg

Next year, well known Gold Coast Artist Terrence (Terry) Martin will be exhibiting his works at the Artifact Gallery in Manhattan New York – by invitation. The occasion is a most prestigious exhibition of selected artists – a global perspective.


The Exhibition Catalogue will be critiqued by distinquished New York Art Critics (TBA) and will be pre-announced with substantial pre-exhibition advertising appearing on the well known website.

PN 166 Fly over

Terry’s Art is unconventional in that he uses digital mediums to complete his works. Initially relying on traditional creative processes – charcoal, oils, ink and watercolours, Terry is a master at expanding his images via utilising software – nothing special though – just the same programs you might have on your iPad or MacPro.


His art captures those definitive moments in our lives. From sudden interludes with wildlife, to coastal panoramas, to those intimate moments of solitude – Terry captures the colour, the vibrancy and the empathy we feel towards such vignettes of time.


His unique use of light and colour reflect on his varied career as both a working architect and a constant artist, first venturing into a vivid world of vibrant art in his early years on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It was during this time he met Brett Whitely and other Sydney art circle luminaries and developed his own unique style and brilliant imagery.


Take the time here to click on his website link and enjoy his Nine White Rooms Gallery.


If you see something you like click on the shop button. A range of prints in A3 and A4 are available priced with shipping costs. If the item you desire is not available or you prefer a larger canvas version, email Terry here and he can assist you.

2015.21_-_Fijian_pigeon_1512x copy

Art is life. Live it to the fullest. Find the beauty in the everyday. Or the extraordinary – but seek the beauty – Life is art.


Bird gallery

3 new pieces are coming to the bird gallery. The emu , cassowary and domestic chicken all part of a group of birds who don’t fly. All with there own characteristics, individual beauty and distinctive presence . Soon to join these three will be the Ostrich and NZ kiwi.

Each painting capturing a sense of place and comfort within the landscape each bird occupies . The beauty they display





Emu dromaiidaem 2018

Domestic chicken

Free range 2018









A great big thank you to those who purchased product from Ninewhiterooms pop-up gallery at Broadbeach , Gold coast  yesterday . A nice day for everybody to browse the wide variety of product on display .

The gallery at the gold Coast markets coincides with a presence at Ryzanoff  fine art gallery in Albert Park Melbourne, and our on-line gallery showcasing the annual exhibition . A new shopping page has been added to the website and is now open for purchasing direct form the website, ready for framing, or fully mounted canvases, ready for shipping  . New to the shop over the next month , apparel sales will be added featuring current artwork from the gallery DTG printed on Ts.

A sneak preview of some recent interests

1 Flightless birds ( ie emus , ostrich , kiwi , domestic chickens) . These paintings will form part of the 2019 BIRDS gallery on line exhibition . A new found maturity can be found in these works , and provide the encouragement to further my career as a full time working artist.


2 Addition to the Architecture gallery 2019, a video of an architectural model of ninwhiterooms designed and constructed to showcase the art year round of Terrence Martin. The gallery is set in a wilderness site, adjoining a waterfall , a ideal surround for presentation of a wide and varying  subject interests